Bianca Jagger

Fracking destruction

Bianca Jagger makes a frank and urgent video appeal for sanity in the face of UK fracking disaster and warns us all that fracking will destroy our way of life, our water, air and countryside. She accuses David Cameron of deregulating protective controls we have in place that would otherwise...

Maria Montinaro – Panellist

The first duty of any government is to protect its people. Our governments are instead putting the interests of multi-national corporate organisations ahead of citizens. Proper cost-benefit analyses including the determination and analysis of risks should be mandatory. One major risk not being...

Thomas Barlow – Panellist

When I joined NO Dash For Gas in 2013, the group that later helped organise Reclaim the Power, I hadn’t heard of fracking at all. Coming from Manchester, I was well aware of rising fuel bills, of climate change and of a group of six companies that have a monopoly over our energy. I was only...

Power Paradox

  One of the paradoxes of power is this – because very powerful people frequently get away with ignoring their critics, they often do. It follows from this that, in important respects, they can be ignor-ant people. With something like fracking they pick up the benefits of the process for...

Tina Louise – Panellist

The dark atmospheric Arches of Glasgow, where we began the Talk Fracking tour of five UK cities, was a beautiful start. Next was Nottingham at the old Museum, in a stunning room flooded with brilliant sunlight; then onto the oddly oppressive function space in a hotel in Manchester and here now in...

Fracking Myths Busted

Researchers and campaigners bust five of the most common myths used to promote fracking. After the stunning live forums and some excellent street interviews, the media team have prepared a collection of videos on Youtube for you to review and share on your preferred social networks.. An...

Thanks Manchester

During the afternoon we went out into the streets of Manchester to ask people what they'd heard about fracking. There are plans to build fracking wells in 60% of the UK and the government claim our energy future depends on fracking, well many disagree, what do you think? There's a National...

Thanks Nottingham

Nottingham is the Second city on the Talkfracking tour an area with strong mining history and experiences of its hardships you may well expect keener awareness of the issues but here much as everywhere the information about the national plans effecting a huge portion of the population are not...

Thanks Glasgow

We spent Monday on Scottish streets listening to what Glaswegians have to say about fracking and we met some absolute diamonds. Back to the Arches for 8pm and the first Talkfracking session featuring 6 panelists at the atmospheric Arches venue.Mary Church - Friends Of The Earth : Maria...

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