Science Tales

Darryl Cunningham's book 'Science Tales' includes a great chapter on fracking. His clear narrative, graphic lines and photographic illustration explain complicated and controversial issues with deceptive ease and wit. He also explains controversies surrounding climate change, electro-convulsive...

Make it a million!

Please sign the Talkfracking petition which is in the form of an open letter for you to amend and send to your local MP and press. Share with your network and get others you know and love to do the same. Let's suspend Britains fracking nightmare now!

Launch Video

On Monday 2nd of June Talk Fracking launched it's campaign aboard the HMS President moored at the Thames embankment. Watch the video and find out more about the British debate tour in a City near you this week.

Joseph Corre – TF Host

Like most people I meet, up until about 8 months ago I had not heard of Fracking. By chance I happened to meet someone at the funeral of the late great train robber mastermind Bruce Reynolds. This new acquaintance, Jamie, was very concerned about the lack of public knowledge surrounding the...

Elizabeth Arnold – Panellist

I’m from Pennsylvania USA and I’m here in the UK to #TalkFracking and provide the public with insight into what to expect from the fracking industry once they start drilling. Fracking snuck up on us in Pennsylvania before anyone had a real idea of what this unconventional drilling process...

Register here!

Talkfracking is in Glasgow tonight holding a free debate in 'The Arches on Arglye Street - 8PM and tomorrow Tuesday they will be in Nottingham Conference Centre. So where do you stand on fracking? Get your voice heard... join the debate now.

Take to the road

We have just set off on the Talk Fracking nationwide tour and this blog will be the first in a series of updates from our travels. Firstly, thank you! Thank you to all the good people out there who have supported us, from the Scottish farmer who got in touch with us this morning, and the...

Tour completed!

At the begining of June 2014 Talkfracking took to the road in a tour around Britain, starting in Glasgow on Monday 9th June, Tuesday 10th June @ Nottingham Conference Centre and on Wednesday 11th - Free Trade Hall, Manchester. On Thursday 12th the tour reached Swansea's George Hall before...

Government to Change Trespass Law to Help Fracking Industry

In an effort to kick start the fledgling fracking industry, the government is set to change the trespass law to allow for unconventional oil and gas companies to drill underneath your home without seeking your permission. [1]  The announcement is set to made in a new infrastructure bill to be...

The Growing Anti-Fracking Movement

The anti-fracking movement is one of the fastest growing community lead movements in this country. There are current over 100 local anti-fracking groups. This grassroots movement has alarmed the unconventional oils and gas industry as they were hoping to start their drilling program with little to...