“Frackademics” – Conclusion

Conclusion The basis of rational, scientific judgement is evidence, and the framework for how that evidence is assessed and conclusions drawn. The recent use of scientists to front the case for unconventional gas and oil in Britain is not based on clear, unequivocal evidence. Instead it relies...

“Frackademics” – Letter to Natural Environment Research Council

“Frackademics” - Letter to Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) To: Michelle Wickenden - Head of Strategic Management Group - NERC,  Dr Andrea Turner - Secretary to Council & NERC executive secretary - NERC, Emily Flowers - Secretary to Science & Innovation Strategy Board...

“Frackademics” – Letter to Chris Smith, Task Force on Shale Gas

“Frackademics” - Letter to Chris Smith, Task Force on Shale Gas Dear Chris Smith, We are writing in connection with our latest report that undermines the foundations of the four pillars (reports), which the government and industry have relied on to support their case for exploiting shale...