“Frackademics” – Letter to Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Dear Vince Cable MP,

We are writing to you in connection with our latest report that analyses the relationships between academia, government departments, PR companies and the fossil fuel industry. Our report undermines the foundations of the four pillars (reports), which the Government and industry have relied upon to support their case for exploiting shale gas in the UK. The four scientific reviews commissioned by Government agencies are as follows:

• The Royal Society/Royal Academy of Engineering review of shale gas (2012);

• The Mackay-Stone review of the climate impacts of shale gas (2013);

• The Public Health England (PHE) review of the health impacts of shale gas (2014);

• The Scottish Government commissioned its own expert study on unconventional.

Please pay particular attention to case study 1. If the government is going to meet its international obligations, a substantial part of the world’s fossil fuel resources must remain in the ground. Why are the government funding research and technological innovation to increase the amount of fossil fuels produced?  Should your department instead direct this funding to entirely non fossil fuel energy technologies?

If you are absolutely serious about climate change, you must withdraw all support for fossil fuel industries and redirect it to the UK’s substantial expertise in ecological technologies.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Talk Fracking