“Frackademics” – Letter to Natural Environment Research Council

“Frackademics” – Letter to Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

To: Michelle Wickenden – Head of Strategic Management Group – NERC,  Dr Andrea Turner – Secretary to Council & NERC executive secretary – NERC, Emily Flowers – Secretary to Science & Innovation Strategy Board – NERC, Matthew Marshall – Secretary to NERC Executive Board – NERC.

We are writing to you in connection with our latest report that analyses the relationships between academia, government departments, PR companies and the fossil fuel industry.

You will note that in case study 1, your organization has been identified as one that could arguably damage the viability of our future environment, despite your mission statement which claims “to place environmental science at the heart of responsible management of our planet.”

Why do you feel the need to undertake research to find yet more fossil fuels when we already have more than enough proven fossil fuel reserves to breach climatic limits?

Additionally, why are you funded by the Government to train the next generation of geoscientific and environmental researchers in oil and gas to research and discover or produce yet more fossil fuels? Given the ecological restrictions, fossil fuels production is an industry with no future. Why then do universities devote so much effort to supporting this research?

We have written to your associate academic partners in relation to our findings, and look forward to their comments as well as yours.


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