Government Report Compares Fracking Risks to Thalidomide and Asbestos

Photo credit: EcoFlightThe government’s chief scientific advisor has drawn a distinct similarity between the headlong rush for fracking in the UK and thalidomide, asbestos etc. Hard evidence from the USA now links fracking to increased birth defect rates in children. In addition, there is a growing mountain of evidence linking fracking to a plethora of horrible illnesses and fatalities in humans, livestock and wildlife.

Eminent medical groups in the USA and the UK have voiced these health concerns for quite some time. This includes MEDACT who signed our letter from Talk Fracking calling for a moratorium until we have had a thorough, independent and public debate on the merits and risks of fracking in the UK. This however has until now fallen on deaf ears within the government who instead are presently pushing through legislation within the infrastructure bill that will allow drilling companies to frack a mere 300 metres under our homes and habitat without our permission, even though they have no democratic mandate to do so.

High volume hydraulic fracturing is a relatively new technology that is fraught with horrendous risks to our health, our environment and our economy.

Despite massive public opposition, the government has so far chosen to cater to industrial and corporate interests in fracking, all the while ignoring the interests of the British people and disregarding the duty of care they owe to future generations. These shortsighted policies and fossilised thinking comes from a government in bed with the fossil fuel industry.

Perhaps now that the government’s chief scientific advisor has given his clear view of extreme caution, they will finally take notice and end this fracking pipe dream before it turns into a nightmare. If not, the British public will never forgive them.

Read the full report here.