Fracking is a Ponzi scheme

Keiser Report on Daily Mail Fracking Propaganda

This is well worth a watch. The Keiser Report is no stranger to talking about fracking and doesn’t shy away from the negative effects that the industry brings wherever it shows up.

In the first half of this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss fracking in the UK, and how right-wing Daily Mail and journalist Dominic Lawson, has latched on to the industry’s propaganda and misinformation. The Daily Mail reports regularly on fracking being a magical panacea to climate and energy woes, without balancing against facts and the global academic research available.

Being economically unviable, environmentally unviable and unsustainable, Keiser stated:

“Fracking is a bit of a Ponzi scheme. It’s cash-flow negative.”

One of “tainted past” Daily Mail’s prime frack-propagandists, Dominic Lawson – son of climate change denier, Lord Nigel Lawson – was described by Max Keiser as  being “…disjointed in the brain – he has no cognitive ability to think anymore.”

fracking propaganda

They also talk about the February 2019 earthquakes in Gaoshan, China, caused by fracking. It was reported by the New York Times, that two people were killed and over 20,000 homes were damaged in the earthquakes. Around 1600 people were displaced, instigating “public fury” in the form of mass protests against the government, that only abated when authorities announced a fracking suspension against China National Petroleum Corporation.