Thanks Swansea

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The event in the Swansea Guildhall has to go down a big success. We always want more people in attendance, but what was heartening was not just a respectable turn out, but a lot of new faces, rather than just the now familiar fractivist community, and people that had made the effort to come from afar (from Newport in the East to Pembrokeshire in the West and Brecon to the North). The word is out. Please see the film of the event here

The whole of South Wales is in the fracker’s sights and people want to know more. Of course, South Wales is no stranger to big corporations from outside coming here to plunder fossil fuels and exploit the industriousness of people that just want the opportunity to work hard and provide for their families. But once bitten, twice shy!

mothersagainstfrackingThe coal industry has left a legacy of chronic illness and extensive bereavements. It has left a legacy to abandoned communities and shattered dreams. Generations of families were used and abused, while industrial magnates built vast fortunes. This time around, the people of South Wales are being cautious at best, and are far more aware of the lies and deceits trotted out by the industrialists. This was patently clear from the perceptive questions and healthy scepticism of the audience in Swansea.

New fractivist groups are springing up all over the region. Frack-Free Wales is an umbrella organisation seeking to co-ordinate, educate and support these groups.

For further reading and reference check out Andy Chyba’s research and extensive library of resources.

Swansea Resident asked “Have any fracking companies been taken to court for water contamination?” answers on a postcard please!