Vivienne Westwood and The Nanas declare War On Fracking

The government plans to fast-track fracking and take powers away from local communities but on Friday 11th September 2015 at David Cameron’s constituency home in Oxfordshire, The Nanas told the Prime Minister, “the oven gloves are coming off!”

Vivienne Westwood and The Nanas from Lancashire and Yorkshire declared “War on Fracking”, wearing gas masks and accompanied by their grandchildren. The protest outside the house was to announce the upcoming ‘Nanas Talk Fracking’ nationwide tour supported by Talk Fracking. The Nanas will travel around the country to support local anti-fracking residents groups in areas that have now been issued licences for fracking; despite this dangerous technology proving to be increasingly unpopular with the British public.

A recent report by ‘ChemTrust’ [1] found that fracking fluids may contain a mixture of compounds including persistent bio accumulative and toxic substances, carcinogens, mutagens, toxic water pollutants, reproductive toxicants and endocrine disruptors. Very small quantities of some fracking chemicals are capable of contaminating millions of gallons of water. These dangerous chemicals include benzene, lead, formaldehyde, naphthalene, diesel fuel, methanol, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, acrylamide & sulphuric acid. In addition, the flowback from fracking may contain high concentrations of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and significant levels of naturally occurring radioactive materials such as isotopes of uranium, thorium, potassium, radium and radon.

A chemical attack

The report highlights concerns related to chemicals with hormone disrupting properties, persistent chemicals that accumulate in organisms, the cocktail effect and the detrimental role of chemical exposures during development in the womb and in early life.

Vivienne Westwood said, “Mr. Cameron’s deliberate and systematic use of chemicals against innocent British women and children has led to this declaration of ‘War on Fracking’, with now more than 400 community groups rising up to fight fracking – the public will not take it lying down and will fight tooth and nail.  Politicians are behaving like criminals and we are calling for regime change in Britain.”

Cameron accused foreign leaders such as Colonel Gaddafi of using chemicals on their own people as a justification for regime change, but he is doing precisely that here in Britain by forcing toxic, life threatening fracking chemicals on his own people.

A 2011 article in the journal, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, [2] examined the potential health impacts of oil and gas drilling in relation to the chemicals used during drilling, fracking, processing, and delivery of natural gas. The paper compiled a list of 632 chemicals (an incomplete list due to trade secrecy exemptions) identified from drilling operations throughout the U.S. Their research found that 75% of the chemicals could affect the skin, eyes, and other sensory organs, and the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Approximately 40–50% could affect the brain/nervous system, immune and cardiovascular systems, and the kidneys; 37% could affect the endocrine system; and 25% could cause cancer and mutations.

Cameron’s illegal occupation

The government are using fracking like an illegal occupation, capturing territories they’ve mapped out for licensing, and taking away our right to object to drilling under our homes. [3] He expects that the British public will surrender their land but communities are rising up because our sovereign rights are being eroded. The people of Britain are uniting in the ‘War on Fracking’ with ordinary people organising more than 400 anti-fracking residents’ community groups in the UK, and fighting planning applications at local councils.

In 2009, Cameron promised a “radical decentralisation” of power across Britain, “giving local people more power” [4], but new planning guidance gives local authorities just 16 weeks to approve or reject planning applications for fracing, after which ministers can intervene on a decision. [5] Cameron trusts communities on decisions regarding wind farms but why not fracking?

David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics in the University of Glasgow, says that David Cameron’s Witney constituency falls into the footprint of local areas that could be fracked as “there is nothing about the geology of this region that particularly warrants its exclusion.” [6] Witney has not been earmarked for fracking because Cameron clearly doesn’t want it on his own doorstep.

Tina Rothery, grandmother and campaigner with The Nanas said, “Our government is seeking to use dangerous practices, chemicals and waste dumping that will put people at risk for generations to come. They are indicating that the government will seek to overturn a decision to reject fracking applications made in Lancashire, by Councillors representing the people of Lancashire, because it took too long and they don’t like the outcome. Where is the democracy?”

“It is with the deepest sadness and regret that we residents, mothers, grandmothers and children of Lancashire find ourselves confronting what can only be described as a dictatorship. In a true democracy we would have been heard the first time and not been dragged into legal wrangles that we cannot afford to win, with opponents so powerful they dwarf us and silence our voices. We roar in an uncommon declaration of war on fracking because if we don’t take steps to protect ourselves, our government certainly won’t.”

A War on Climate Change

Vivienne added, “Our government: every one of their policies if enacted is a crime against humanity. Fracking is anti-life. The only reason they want it is to satisfy their cronies – like George Osborne’s father-in-law.Just to remind ourselves, fracked oil and gas in America is sold under cost. It was just an opportunity for investors.

The people in our government are the same people who consolidated their power in the industrial revolution. Their financial system doesn’t work anymore. It needs perpetual war and causes poverty and climate change, which will kill us.

The migrants are not a temporary crisis. The crisis is mounting. There are many war refugees and three times as many climate refugees. All of them are people who can no longer live where they were born. I hope we face reality in time to save ourselves. We will all be migrants soon.

This is our last chance to halt destruction. We ask people from every walk of life to join the activists. Scientists and intellectuals: you know the only solution is a green economy.

Speak out and lead our movement.”

The Nanas Talk Fracking tour will visit the following parts of the UK: Chorley, Blackburn, Bolton,York, Pontefract, Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield, Worksop, Gainsborough, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Sleaford, Skegness, Newark, Mansfield, Alfreton, Derby, Nottingham, Loughborough and Melton Mowbray.

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