FrackMan – The little game with a big impact

Play FrackMan!..

..our nifty little online game where you get to try out fracking first hand. FrackMan is hungry for fossil fuel. Steer FrackMan through the earth, drilling through shale rocks that he can frack for gas. In the fracking world gas means cash, but fracking is a risky business and fracking up the world has unexpected consequences.

Beware of subsiding landscapes causing environmental catastrophe and costing you fracked cash. Avoid the water aquifers because if you contaminate the water supply it’s ‘Game Over’.


To play, visit: – it’s fun and free!

Since its release, FrackMan has been popular on social media and it’s addictive. If you want another go at FrackMan, you must first respond to the British Government’s consultation on underground drilling. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is trying to push through legislation that would allow companies to frack under our homes without our permission. We only have until this Friday 15th August to tell them what we think. FrackMan is a dangerous game, make sure you submit your comments to the DECC by Friday, or the game may become our reality.

Talk Fracking thanks Team Giraffe and the wonderful group of creative thinkers, developers, coders, designers, activists and artists who came up with the original concept at our ‘Hack the Frack’ event in London on July 7th 2014 at Central Saint Martin’s.