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Please sign the Talkfracking petition which is in the form of an open letter for you to amend and send to your local MP and press. Share with your network and get others you know and love to do the same.

Let’s suspend Britains fracking nightmare now!

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  • suzanne nagle
    July 6, 2014 9:04 am

    Until the tracking companies can tell us exactly how they can dispose of the toxic waste water and how they are going to remove the drill wells after they are redundant in years to come without them getting corroded and leaking, then it is totally irresponsible to allow them to frack……This is without all the unpleasantness of endless trucks carrying unknown contaminants through our towns and villages and the illegal level of noise from the flares, and the risk of earth tremors caused by the drilling and the poisoning of the aquifers by the tracking liquids and the problems people near tracking sites will have selling their homes for the price they would have got without the tracking taking place nearby, the amount of water that it will take from our supply to operate the tracking and the illnesses and deaths that can occur during the process amongst the workers…. We are lucky enough to see the precidents of tracking operations in other countries and the outrageous problems it has caused to the communities there.It must not be allowed to happen here for whatever reason.There is nothing that justifies the risks that would be taken if tracking went ahead.

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