Anti-Fracking Celebs spotted with Fracked Baby

Celebs including One Direction’s Harry Styles have been photographed with Vivienne Westwood’s ‘fracked baby’ to highlight recent studies that reveal links between fracking and birth defects. [1]

Harry’s hometown of Redditch (Worcestershire) could soon be licensed to fracking companies along with 60% of the UK. [2]  Jerry Hall, Jarvis Cocker and Bobby Gillespie have also signed the doll, lovingly named Frackcesca.

“Frackcesca” first appeared in the arms of Dame Vivienne Westwood when she joined Talk Fracking for the launch of our mock election billboard in May 2015. [3]  The billboard was a vision of the prospective devastation we face should we remain on this dangerous road “to a fracked future.”

Earlier this month, activists took direct action at Edelman’s London offices to expose the PR company for their underhanded tactics designed to mislead the public about fracking.  Two people posing as a married couple entered the Edelman building and delivered the UK’s first fracked baby. [4]

David Letterman, American television host and comedian, recently spoke out against fracking warning his ‘Late Show’ viewers, “they’re poisoning our drinking water!”.

On Tuesday 23rd June, Vivienne and the ‘fracked baby’ will join concerned communities from around the UK in Preston for “The Frack Stops Here!”, a peaceful protest outside Lancashire County Council as the council decide on whether or not to approve two of the biggest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK. [5]

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