Hack the Frack

Thanks to all who attended ‘Hack the Frack’ open space and hack day in London on Monday, July 7th at Central Saint Martin’s. A group of top-notch creative thinkers and doers including coders, developers, activists, artists, designers and writers, gathered to imagine and create a new set of online tools, mobile apps, games, and resources to compliment the needs of those who are skeptical of the fracking boom and wish to challenge the current PR blitzkrieg.

hackthefrackMonday, July 7th  10:00 – 21:00
VENUE: The Street, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design

We heard from people with different experiences and perspective on fracking to provide insight into what’s needed. We have continued to support the process and keep the ball rolling after the event to develop the outcomes further, the day aims to tap into the amazing potential of what a group of people who want to stop fracking in the UK can create.

Two projects from the day have made it on line all be it in primitive form so far.. A game called ‘Frackman’ where you can frack for shale gas and direct your drill head around obstacles of operation and attempt to profit then an information resource called ‘they frack for us’ which will help aggregate information on where politicians stand on the issue. . Both projects are work in progress.

Right now, opposition to fracking is growing across the UK. Protest camps have appeared at possible fracking sites from Sussex to Lancashire, and public opinion is gradually pulling its support away from this being a viable ‘energy solution’. But there’s space for other creative interventions. Tech activism has not been widely used and offers amazing potential to both strengthen current tactics and to connect new people with the cause.

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