Talk Fracking Funding Pot

Talk Fracking Funding Pot

Talk Fracking has a small funding pot available, allocated by the human rights and environmental causes charity, Humanade. The fund is specifically for small community and grassroots groups in need of emergency financial support.

We recognised that funding is often hard to obtain as a grassroots group with limited resources, and the often quick need to access finance for campaigns that could make a positive difference to society.

Criteria for funding:

  • You must be an established group
  • Groups must have an ongoing crowdfunder of some sort already in place
  • Be able to demonstrate how the funding will be beneficial and in what capacity i.e. for community monitoring equipment

Groups are able to apply for funding amounts of up to £1000, which will be awarded at Talk Fracking’s discretion.

All decisions made are final.

Please send a full written application statement, taking the above points into consideration, to Talk Fracking at: