Following repeated violence, aggression and unprofessional behaviour perpetuated by Lancashire Constabulary, a group of local residents and campaigners have withrawn all correspondence with Lancashire police and have issued a statement of no-confidence in the police force and the police complaints procedure.


The letter was issued today, directed to Lancashire Chief Inspector Keith Ogle, Silver Command for Operation Manila.


Dear Chief Inspector Ogle,

We, the undersigned, have no confidence in Lancashire Constabulary and no confidence in the Police Complaints Procedure.

Since January 2017, we have been protesting against Cuadrilla’s operations at Little Plumpton, often noisily, but never violently.  A number of us have regularly attended Police Liaison Meetings in an attempt to keep community relationships viable but sadly we now believe communications to be futile.

We have been repeatedly told that Officers are deployed to facilitate peaceful protest and prevent everyone coming to harm.  Unfortunately during the past two years, we have been subjected to unprofessional comments, provocative behaviours and physical aggression. Officers have caused numerous injuries to protectors, incurred by poor handling, aggressive shoving, tipping and dragging. Our injuries include, concussion, cuts, bruising, torn ligaments and broken bones.  There have also been spurious arrests and detentions.

None of our complaints have been upheld and sadly it leaves us to conclude that Lancashire Constabulary have closed ranks against this particular section of the Fylde Community.

It is the apparent that vehicle deliveries, or indeed any vehicle movement, is facilitated by police, irrespective of protector numbers and those vehicles have more protection than our human rights.

We are no longer treated as people with passion and conviction but are treated with contempt. We are simply trying to protect our communities, to which the police themselves belong.

As informed citizens we are aware of the resourcing issues attributed to this protest and suggest this can only be exacerbated if the shale gas industry progresses. Lancashire Police simply do not have the resources to facilitate. By deploying officers who are already stressed and tired and who should be resting it is adding to the tensions.

We believe we have kept communication open long enough for our concerns to have been addressed, as we have been reassured they would be. Unfortunately we no longer have any faith that our presence at Liaison Meetings is beneficial.

We conclude community relations have been irreparably damaged and a whole section of residents will never regain trust in the Police.

This is a damning legacy.

As a result we are letting you know we are no longer participating in Police Liaison Meetings nor communicating with Police Officers associated with Operation Manila.

Signed with sincerity,


Residents & Campaigners


What will happen next is anyone’s guess. The gratuitous police violence which we have witnessed and have come to expect, will not abate whilst the Conservative government’s pro-fracking, rabid agenda is still alive and kicking.