A Warning from Pennsylvania to the UK

Image 1Jenny Lysak, a resident of Central Pennsylvania, has compiled the List of the Harmed which documents over 6,000 cases of people who have been harmed by fracking. Jenny sent this letter to Talk Fracking and the whole of the UK to let us know about her experience from America.

The fracking monster has many nasty tentacles in Pennsylvania – CH4, CO2, VOC’s. NOx climate contributions , earthquakes, compressor stations, glycol dehydrators, LNG, frac sand, massive water consumption, ethane cracker plants , negative health consequences , seismic testing, toxic and radioactive waste, property and human rights issues, Halliburton loophole, pipelines, spills, leaks and explosions to name a few.

The spring on our farm was contaminated when the first well in the township was drilled, standing at my friend’s house who had town water for several hours while the tank on the back of our pick up filled from his garden hose was not so much fun, it was only the beginning of the troubles that followed.
I lost beloved pets from illegal dumping, was charged with criminal trespass because I obtained a sample of the flowback water that was being dumped illegally on our township roads. The worst was the months of work and worry trying to stop a fracking operation destined for only 30 ft from our vegetable garden and organic farm.

Our sense of security, something that I would not have believed could be stolen from us so easily, is gone. My once quiet community, where clean air and water was assured is assailed by all manner of fracking traffic; the roads are no longer safe for farm tractor, bike, Amish buggy. There have even been occasions when the entire road was covered with white foam, an accidental or deliberate application? The farm child’s nearest pond is a radioactive waste pit. A family in the county was blown sky high from gas migration due to drilling. There is an injection well that was fined for operating for months through a mechanical failure at pressures exceeding the maximum only a few miles from my home, a blatant disregard of the rules. Other wells in the township have been fined for drilling without permits; the nearest well has violations for the improper storage of waste. There have been too many instances of illegal dumping. This week two tankers rolled into the Susquehanna River, just over the mountain from me not far from the blowout that spewed uncontrolled for 16 hours.

These are only a FEW of the issues in my neck of the woods communities all over PA are suffering through similar and worse travails. Avoid the unmanageable, don’t open Pandora’s box, do not let this most destructive industry into your homeland.