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Lancashire – the state of play

Day 18 of the appeal by fracking company Cuadrilla, against Lancashire County Council's rejection [1] of planning applications for two sites; Roseacre and Little Plumpton (Preston New Road). The appeal being held at the Blackpool Football Club will today hear the closing arguments by those...

When Lancashire Went Frack Free

Ebony Ava Johnson is a founding member of the ‘Frack Free Lancashire’ campaign. She began as a concerned resident and mother.  We started the Frack Free Lancashire campaign just a year ago. In Lancashire alone, there are now over 40 groups united against fracking. This week, Frack Free...

Pro-Fracking Fakes

Shady fracking lobbyists have denied that they had created a sham grassroots group to fake a pro-shale gas campaign, by roping in college students as supporters of the climate-destroying drilling method. Westbourne Communications, which has shale gas companies Centrica and Caudrilla as clients,...