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Let’s stay on the road to a fracked future

Dame Vivienne Westwood joined Talk Fracking for the launch of our new billboard, cradling a ‘fracked baby of the future’ at Westminster Bridge, London. The impacts of fracking are harmful to our health, the economy and our environment, but our government continues to ignore the mountain of...

Cuadrilla is already poisoning Britain

Cuadrilla threatens to poison the UK’s water, land and air through fracking. But already, its impact on British society, academia and public institutions can be described as corrosive. Cuadrilla also has a phenomenally destructive background. It is no wonder they have turned to a PR firm,...

Chris Smith and the ‘astroturf’ consultancy

Edelman, the global PR group, has a history of aggressive 'consent engineering' for the fossil fuel industry in North America, writes Paul Mobbs. So what are they doing running 'impartial' UK bodies including a Parliamentary group on unconventional oil and gas, and the 'independent' Task Force...